This app is designed for AppleWatch
Lure DepthCount

Lure DepthCount
This fishing app measures the running depths of lures.

It shows the lure depth by calculating A (the diving speed of the lure) times B (the number of seconds it takes to reach at the point of the measurement).

AppleWatch Configuration
Please set as application screen is displayed when you re-display of the screen.

Some lures are available for sample measurement.
Measure and register the diving speed at the depth of one meter on your own lure are recommended for better accuracy. However, we have a couple of lures as sample measurement.

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Signboard Plus- Photo synthesis in a slideshow -

- Signboard Plus -

iPhone App -Signboard-
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Stickers, also I enjoy characters Paste.
It is a little quirky slideshow app.

1,Synthesized in the sticker on the slideshow
With keep pasting ahead is not fun. You to stick it flew. Of course, I will put characters in each photograph.

2,View message
When the slide show ends I can display two lines of the message. The shame dialogue that can not be said also okay if message in words.

4,Song was LOOP the slideshow until the end of, you can make and song end displays the following slide show.

5, want to hear your opponent's will?
You can add the "Yes" and "No" button in the message.

6,Another app PhoartMIX, the person who has the first letter Come!
Please write a sticker in the "for Singboard" in the background transparent mode. You can use as stickers to capture with this app!

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iPhone App Photo Art MIX
- Photo Art MIX -
This is an easy-to-operate photo synthesis application.
Characters can be superimposed on pictures. This allows a composite photo to be created.

Photos can be sent and received between people several meters apart using Bluetooth or Wifi.This provides the convenience of transferring pictures without using the Internet.

  PhoartMX -Photo art MIX- Cut ->Scan PhoartMX -Photo art MIX- Cut

iPhone App HatsuMoji
iTunesへ Hatsumoji (Apple Store)
The whole family can enjoy this application and it is also good for education to kids.
You can draw letters or chinese characters on a screen and pile up on top of pictures.

Therefore, iPhone screen is big enough size-wise to play.
You can draw anything – your own sketches, cartoons etc. by use of your fingers.​​
After piling-up, you can expand or reduce as you like it.
Photographs, after processed, can be saved in a camera roll.
You may be tempted to show around a sort of art-works which your kids made up.

  New Version2.0
Add Photograph clippings.